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July 17, 2016

My Recovery Protocol

Yes, that's 405 lbs x 9 reps at 55 years old, 172 lbs body weight!

I have had many questions on my recovery protocol, so here it is.

The key is ... what you do on an everyday basis! No protocol is magic. The magic is learning what your body responds t...

December 9, 2014

Why do I love my garage gym? Other than the fact I have the equipment I enjoy, I can GRUNT! And does grunting increase performance ….? YES!

The Effects of “Grunting” on Serve and Forehand Velocities in Collegiate Tennis Players

“The velocity, force, and peak muscle activ...

January 27, 2014

DOMS - What we dread after working out and what causes many people to give up working out altogether.


Causes of DOMS


1. Eccentric muscle contractions or "negatives." For example, when you perform a biceps curl and curl the weight up, that is a concentric muscle contrac...

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February 4, 2020

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December 25, 2019

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