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You've looked at the label on your vitamins, but can you answer these questions?


  • Are your supplements safe?

  • Has every batch of your supplements been tested for hundreds of contaminants?

  • Are the raw materials tested prior to their use in formulating the supplement? 

  • Are the raw material suppliers vetted by a scientist BEFORE they are tested by the company?

  • Are the ingredients listed, in the amounts listed on the label really in the bottle?

  • Has the chemical structure of each ingredient been identified and tested?

  • Are there any safety complaints against the supplement manufacturer and/or distributor?

  • Are your supplements guaranteed to work?

  • Is there a scientifically validated method of measuring the effectiveness of your supplement?

  • Are the safest and best ingredients selected and used?

  • Does the supplement have the active ingredients that really offer health benefits?

  • Are these active ingredients standardized for consistent efficacy and quality?

  • Has the supplement been substantiated with scientific clinical studies before it is released?

  • Does the company encourage the reporting of any adverse event, even the smallest one, and review each and every event to ensure product safety and quality and update product use recommendations?

  • Does the company who produces your supplements have a large number of in-house scientists from multiple disciplines who are responsible for the research and development of the products they make?

  • Does the company who produces your supplements have a volunteer (unpaid) scientific board of advisors that includes the top nutrition and anti-aging scientists in the world who meet with the in-house scientists to review research and development?

Selection: Select the best possible natural ingredients. After an ingredient has been identified for use, scientists collaborate with an extensive affiliate network to conduct laboratory and clinical trials to confirm ingredient efficacy and safety. Isagenix research is at the forefront of nutritional science, receiving international recognition in clinical journals and scientific symposiums.

Sourcing: Source the most effective raw materials. Factors like weather conditions, nutrients or toxins in the soil, insects, crop rotations, amounts of sunlight, temperature can affect the active ingredients. Only quality ingredients that pass extensive criteria for authenticity, efficacy, and safety are considered. If there is a failure in any area, the entire shipment is rejected.

Structure: Know the chemical structure of each ingredient. Just because a product contains a particular plant doesn’t mean it contains the active ingredients that offer real health benefits. In some plants these benefits are available only in a certain part of the leaf, harvested at a specific time of day during a particular part of the year. In other cases, the root or stem might contain the beneficial properties, yet it’s the meat that you want to use, not the shell. Scientists analyze these chemical structures not only to understand the active constituents, but also to identify any potentially unsafe compounds. Then a “chemical fingerprint” is created to guide consistent manufacturing.

Standardization: Standardize to active markers for consistent efficacy and quality. Unless a company has a “chemical fingerprint” for its active ingredients and pays excruciating detail to the manufacturing process, the product will be different every time. Each capsule consistently contains the same amount of each active ingredient. This is achieved through strict (often proprietary) standardization processes that were developed through chemical fingerprinting. The end product is ensured to have consistent quality.

Safety: Extensive safety studies and analysis leads the way in setting the highest industry standards for safe products. Through every step of development our scientists follow an involved regimen to ensure all ingredients are safe, and an ingredient can be rejected at any stage of the process. 

Substantiation: Substantiate efficacy with clinical studies. Scientific testing at the highest level takes place for every product created. One of the most respected minds in science, Paul Arciero, PhD, has published this recent study about healthy weight loss.

Guarantee: All customers have 30 days from the invoice date of your order to initiate a return for a refund.


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