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Athletic Development/Sports Performance


Learning to exercise properly is a skill, just like learning to play golf, throw a ball, catch a pass, or spike a volleyball. Approaching exercise as a skill set will not only get you to your goals faster, but will prevent injuries as well. 


  • Does your child want to make a sports team?

  • Do you want to lose weight?

  • Are you a baby boomer who wants a better quality of life?


Are you ready to workout or play sports? Is your child?


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Why not learn from an Olympic Team doctor who actually walks the walk? I have worked with dozens of top athletes and hundreds of kids. Your child's safety and health is paramount. Trust it only to someone who has the expertise to be both safe and get results. Come by and see your sports chiropractor and sports performance coach in Rowlett.

Personal Training For age 50 and up!


I am so tired of hearing stories of people being injured or just not getting the results they want. I keep current with the training and nutrition literature and of course, I walk the walk. Anyone can put you through a workout that makes you sweat and feel sore the next day. But very few can determine what YOUR body's needs are, blend that with your personal goals, and teach you how to exercise the right way and have fun while you are doing it!

2016 Tactical Strength Challenge Men's Masters Champion

1986 AAU Collegiate Mr. America Short Class Champion

2000 RAW Powerlifting Championships Master's

198 lb Champion

2014 RKC Certification

2015 PCC Certification