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The 6S Process: Do you really know all about the supplements you are taking?

You've looked at the label, but what do you really know about the supplement you currently take? Can you answer these questions?

  • Are your supplements safe?

  • Where are your supplements produced and is the company on the label really the manufacturer?

  • Have every batch of your supplements been tested for 500 contaminants?

  • Are you aware of any safety complaints against your supplements?

  • Are your supplements guaranteed to work?

  • Is there a scientifically validated method of measuring the effectiveness of your supplement?

  • Is what is on the label really in the bottle?

  • Are the best ingredients selected and used?

  • Are these ingredients in the proper formulation to really provide health benefits?

  • Are the raw materials tested prior to their use in formulating the supplement?

  • Does the company have a scientist who is responsible for actually going to each raw material supplier to inspect the shipments?

  • Has the chemical structure of each ingredient been identified and tested?

  • Does your supplement have the active ingredients that really offer health benefits?

  • Are these active ingredients standardized for consistent efficacy and quality?

  • Has your supplement been substantiated with scientific clinical studies?

  • Does the company who produces your supplements have 75 in-house researcher scientists who are responsible for the research and development of the products they make?

  • Does the company who produces your supplements have a 15 member scientific board of advisors that includes the top anti-aging scientists in the world?

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