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2014 AATS guidelines for the prevention and management of perioperative atrial fibrillation and flut

This was my world prior to the esophagectomy - multiple bouts of A-fib pre and post surgery.

These guidelines make no mention of getting the patient healthy before surgery, i.e. proper diet, exercise, supplements. What is truly amazing is that there is no mention of Magnesium - oh my! You MUST supplement with Magnesium - even if you do not have A-fib! It is highly doubtful that you are getting enough magnesium even if you eat well (soils are deficient). And potassium anyone? Bananas, spinach, swiss chard, salmon, squash, avacodos.

And the best supplement for me has been R2 (R Squared): mitochondrial energy and cellular detox/purification. Since I started R2 in Oct 2012, I have not had a bout of A-fib!!!!!

These guidelines exemplify the ultimate problem with "medicine." We are not diseases, we are human beings with function problems mostly due to diet (meaning nutrient deficiency), lack of sufficient sleep, lack of sufficient exercise, no daily stress reduction (meditation, tai chi, music, etc), and environmental toxins (plastics, cleaners, etc.).

These problems become "diseases" when we have not listened to our bodies and things have gotten so bad that they now can be labeled. What a disconnect!

The best simple analogy is: are you going to regularly check your tire pressure or just keep fixing the flat tires that occur? One day that flat tire will send you spinning out of control and you will pay dearly.

Find the problem!

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