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Why do I love my garage gym? Other than the fact I have the equipment I enjoy, I can GRUNT! And does grunting increase performance ….? YES!

“The velocity, force, and peak muscle activity during tennis serves and forehand strokes are significantly enhanced when athletes are allowed to grunt.”

Is recovery important? Should it be logged and measured? YUP!

“Injury rates for the adjustables positional group were the highest after short between-match recovery cycles, whereas the injury rates of hit-up forwards and outside backs positional groups were the highest after long between-match recovery cycles. These findings suggest that the activity profiles of NRL [National Rugby League] match play and the injury rates of specific playing positions are influenced by the amount of recovery between matches. “

“The 21-day taper was effective at enhancing maximal power output and jump height performance in professional rugby players, possibly as a result of a recovery from fatigue and thus increased strength capability after a prolonged preseason training period.”

Is the Functional Movement Screen a valid predictor of injury? And are the results from using the FMS dependent on the skill of the FMS expert? YES!!

“…to predict injury risk in team sports, the FMS total score is supported by moderate scientific evidence. The majority of the FMS based intervention programs showed an improvement on general motor quality.”

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