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The best golfers are different, but the same...

The best golfers are different, but the same. Huh? Does Tiger Woods's swing look the same as Jack Nicklaus's or Rory McIlroy's swing? No. So how have each been so successful yet different? Because they are really the same.

Now that I sound like an old Abbott and Costello routine, I will explain. In his article entitiled Kinematic Sequence Basics my friend and colleague Dr. Greg Rose explains.

"Using data collected from 3-D motion analysis systems, we are now looking at how golfers generate speed and transfer this speed or energy throughout their bodies. We have found a certain sequence or signature of how they get this speed to the club head. We call this the “Kinematic Sequence”. The amazing thing is that all great ball strikers have the same kinematic sequence or the same signature of generating speed and transferring speed throughout their body."

Top golfers generate speed and power in a particular sequence: from the lower body (ground, feet, legs, hips), to the torso ("core"), to the arms, and into the club. During the downswing, this energy speeds up and then slows down during each transfer to the next body area, i.e. one area slows down as the next speeds up. There is an overall increase in speed from the time the swing starts until ball strike.

it is not the "style" of the swing, but the sequencing pattern that is the key. Breakdown in this sequence can be caused by physical limitations, poor mechanics, and improperly fitted clubs. For example, if you have a limited range of motion of your shoulder or hip, that will prevent proper sequencing and promote poor mechanics. And you may have had your clubs fitted before you fix these limitations. Woops, the order should be reversed.

See a TPI certified practitioner to fix your limitations and give you the right exercises to promote better mechanics. See for more information.

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