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Energy Drinks - Hazard or Helpful?

Their recommendations don't jive with their comments in the paper.

Don't use terms like "It is noteworthy" when referring to the fact that 46% of caffeine related overdoses in the U.S. were in youth under 19 years of age and "Despite the popular belief that EDs are safe and efficacious for adolescents, a recent report demonstrated an association between the consumption of a can (250 mL) of ED daily and an increase in anxiety and depression in young adults under certain circumstances."

At the end of the paper they say, "On the basis of the aforementioned evidence, we offer tentative advice, which is presented in Table 3."

Next is, "In summary,1 can (250 mL) of an ED per day is safe for most healthy adolescents."

But the next sentence states, "ED consumption before or during sports practiceshould be avoided."

So, have some @#$'s and take a stand on the issue.

1. Do not consume more than 1 can (250 mL) of ED per day.

2. Avoid ED consumption before or during sports practice

3. Individuals with diagnosed cardiovascular anomalies should consult cardiologists before drinking EDs

4. Do not combine ED consumption and alcohol or other drugs

5. Parents should be taught potential adverse effects related to ED consumption

6. Provide continual advice against over consumption/abuse of ED

How about the fact that diet Coke has 47 mg of caffeine in one 12 oz can! Look at these numbers.

You can't tell people that one 250 mL can is safe without giving a number of mg of caffeine. And you certainly can't state it is safe, but then say don't take the drink before or during sports.

Wow! How many attorneys wrote this one?"

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