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DFW Concussions Broken Down by School District and Sport

Here is an eye opening statistical analysis of concussion rates right here in the DFW area by school district.

And these are only statistics reported by school sports ... what about league sports? Where is that data? It does not exist!

And this is very troubling, "An NBC 5 investigation discovered how many student athletes have had concussions in North Texas, even though the state organization that governs Texas school sports isn’t keeping a complete count. (Published Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015)"

"This summer, NBC 5 Investigates made requests of 41 school districts in the Dallas/Fort Worth area asking them to provide the number of concussions the recorded in the 2014-2015 school year broken down by school, grade and sport. Records were collected from July 28 to September 9 and complied to make a searchable database. Some school districts provided more detailed information than others than others. For example Plano ISD and Northwest ISD only provided the number of concussions but not a breakdown by sport. Grand Prairie ISD, Ennis ISD and Cleburne ISD did not respond to our records request."

"Please note, while one school district may have reported more concussions than another, the information in the chart does not provide a comparison of concussion rates among various school districts. Some districts have more schools/teams than others, and participation rates in different sports may vary widely. In order to fairly compare concussion rates one would also need the number of athletes participating in each sport in each district. This chart contains only the raw number of concussions reported by each district."

Parents, Coaches, League Administrators:

  • Do you have an Emergency Action Plan? Do you know what that is?

  • Do you have emergency information on each child athlete?

  • Do you know what to tell the 9-1-1 operator?

  • Do the coaches have sports safety training? Is a once every two year CPR course and 20 minute concussion video sufficient training? And do your coaches even have this training?

Parents - ask questions, because you will find the answer is NO! I am a coach and parent of a league sport athlete too!

See for more on how you can become prepared!

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