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Beyond the Love of Strength: Former USA Olympic Team Chiropractor, Dr. Steven Horwitz's athletic

Dragon Door: How did you originally become interested in fitness, strength training, and bodybuilding? Dr. Steven Horwitz: My original interest in fitness came from watching ABC’s Wide World of Sportsback in the day. Ron Lyle was a boxer who did hundreds and hundreds of push ups and sit ups, unfortunately while in prison. I was just about to start junior high school when I saw the show, but wondered how many I could do. I was a lean active kid and found that I could knock out about 30 push ups. I decided that day that I wanted to get to 100, I may still have the sheet of paper where Ikept track, and tried to add one a day. Through the course of several months I got to 100. Then I started doing sit ups and put up one of those old fashioned pull up bars that screws into the door jamb. That was my start!

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