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Recovery and the Masters Athlete

My Recovery Protocol

Yes, that's 405 lbs x 9 reps at 55 years old, 172 lbs body weight!

I have had many questions on my recovery protocol, so here it is.

The key is ... what you do on an everyday basis! No protocol is magic. The magic is learning what your body responds to and making that part of your daily life. Food, sleep, meditation, supplements.

Training Sessions

I prepare for all my training sessions both mentally and physically. I typically train in the morning. I drink Isagenix Greens, Isagenix Fruits, and 1 gram powdered vitamin C first thing. Then I have my Bulletproof coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of butter. Organic of course. I also have 2 scoops of AMPED Power.


  • Mental Prep: Get in my "state." See Tony Robbins for more on this.

  • DMSO and Kwan Loong Oil to knees, shoulders, and lower back

  • Mobility work including bar hang for 1 minute

  • I wear compression gear:

  • Rehband warm pants

  • Rehband knee sleeves

  • Meister leg sleeves

  • On squat days I wear my Inzer Z suit without the straps instead of the warm pants.

During the training session I use the Rapid Release Pro2 in-between sets on any areas that feel tight. I love it! I also make sure to take diaphragmatic breaths in-between sets as well. I drink AMPED Hydrate - 2 scoops to 30 oz water.


  • Hip and shoulder band traction

  • 10 minute walk with the Vertetrac. This device is amazing!!!!!!

  • Turmeric 500 mg

  • Liposomal C 500 mg

  • Bromelain 10,000 mcu

  • Breakfast

  • Ice to lower back and right knee for 10 minutes

  • DMSO and Kwan Loong Oil to aforementioned areas


Squat position hold for 10 minutes

Active Isolated Stretching quads

PNF Hamstring, Spinal Rotators, Shoulders

Right now (Summer 2016) I train one day on (big lifts), two days off. I have found this extra recovery time a big bonus.

Day after a big lift day is mobility work and Graston (once per week I do a full body once over).

Next day is band work and Rapid Release.

All days have 3 - 5 minutes of 1 minute bar hangs.

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