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The NFL Concussion Protocol - Again....

“There was communication between medical personnel on the Carolina sideline, including the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant, and the two independent certified athletic trainer spotters in the booth,” the league said in a statement. “During stoppage in play while on-field officials were in the process of administrating penalties, the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant and team physician requested video from the spotters and reviewed the play. They concluded there were no indications of a concussion that would require further evaluation and the removal of the player from the game.”

Potential Concussion Signs (Observable):

  • Any loss of consciousness

  • Slow to get up following a hit to the head ("hit to the head" may include secondary

  • contact with the playing surface)

  • Motor coordination/balance problems (stumbles, trips/falls, slow/labored movement)

  • Blank or vacant look

  • Disorientation (e.g., unsure of where he is on the field or location of bench)

  • Clutching of head after contact

  • Visible facial injury in combination with any of the above

There are at least 29 medical officials at every game - team physicians, athletic trainers, medical spotters and unaffiliated neurological consultants.

And these 29 are supposed to be the most educated on concussions.

You tell me....

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