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Take Home Points: "Is it Healthy to Drink Milk? 10 Questions with Bodo Melnik (MD); Professor o

To read the entire interview, click here.

"milk is not a simple food but a most sophisticated endocrine signaling system of mammals to promote postnatal growth,"

"The microRNA system of cow´s milk has the natural purpose to promote anabolism and growth of the calf, but not of human beings for life time."

"Diseases promoted by milk consumption are acne, obesity, type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer, and Parkinson´s disease."

"There is accumulating evidence from epidemiological and placebo-controlled clinical studies that milk consumption promotes or ag

gravates acne vulgaris"

"Recent epidemiological research, especially of the Harvard group around Walter Willett (see Homepage) provided strong evidence that dairy food and milk consumption increase the risk of bone (hip) fractures in people of higher age. Furthermore, Prof. Michaelsson of the Karolinska Institute (Sweden) showed a significant correlation between the dose of milk consumption and mortality risk."

"There is abundant calcium in vegetables like broccoli and mineral water (see recommendations of the Harvard Homepage of the Willett group). Important for bone health is sufficient exercise and sufficient vitamin D supply (sun light)."


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