Dr. Steven Horwitz On Avoiding High School Football Deaths Like Cam’ron Matthews

"It was no fun to write an article about the deaths of high school football players in 2015. I love football, but every time a catastrophic event happens inside the game, it makes me wonder just how much I should care about a game that is so violent.

After writing about the death of a Texas high school player, Cam’ron Matthews, who lost his life this season, I was contacted by Dr. Steven Horwitz. Dr. Horwitz was a chiropractor for the 1996 United States Olympic Team Medical Staff and currently runs a couple of websites devoted to helping athletes prepare their bodies for a safer sports experience.

I recently spoke with Dr. Horwitz in a phone interview to discuss just what can be done to help prevent high school football deaths and catastrophic injuries.

I have to say that it was an eye opening talk that had me feeling guilty about how unprepared I have been as the parent of a young athlete."

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