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Summer Reminiscing: The Olympics and Chiropractic

Few chiropractors have had the privilege of being named to the United States Olympic Team Medical Staff. The USOC (United States Olympic Committee) selects a small number of chiropractors to be part of the medical staff each Olympic Games. Chiropractors first become an official part of the USOC Medical Staff back in 1988.

Rowlett chiropractor, Dr. Steven Horwitz, D.C., had the honor of being the third chiropractor ever selected to be part of the USOC Medical Staff for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta.

"ACA member Dr. Steven Horwitz served as the chiropractic physician for the U.S. Olympic medical staff at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. Dr. Horwitz found his helping the athletes and the appreciation they showed for his work to be the most rewarding elements about the time he gave to the U.S. team. Sheila Taormina, 1996 U.S. Swimming 4x200 gold medallist, and Marisa Pedulla of the U.S. Judo Team, each took the time to write to Dr. Horwitz and thank him for the care he gave them. He explained that the athletes in Atlanta were so excited about the chiropractic care available to them that, "They wanted to be sure I was there for the American athletes only." They said to him, "We fought hard to get you here, and we don't want to give an advantage to the other athletes."

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