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10 Keto (or just plain "good for you") Vegetables

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Cauliflower – 3 g. Try cauliflower rice and cauliflower mash.

Cabbage – 3 g. The humble cabbage becomes a standout when sautéed in butter and dirt fry.

Avocado – 2 g. Technically a fruit. Whether eaten plain in slices, mashed as guacamole, or even baked, avocado is a keto go-to, with so many ways to be enjoyed.

Broccoli – 4 g. A versatile, tasty, and simple replacement for pasta, rice or potatoes. It can be steamed, fried in butter, drizzled in cheese sauce, baked au gratin, roasted with bacon.

Zucchini – 3 g. Missing potatoes? Try zucchini fries or zucchini chips. Zucchini can also be spiralized to make keto pasta.

Spinach – 1 g. Extremely low-carb, spinach is one of the most keto-friendly vegetables. It can be used raw in salads, baked into chips, sautéed.

Asparagus – 2 g. Very filling, highly nutritious, and very low carb.

Kale – 3 g. Although slightly higher carb than spinach, use kale raw in salads or bake into chips, sauté in lard, or use as a base instead of pasta.

Green beans – 4 g. Green beans can be roasted, steamed, or stewed, but may taste even better cooked in some type of fat such as bacon fat or butter.

Brussels sprouts – 5 g. These baby cabbages pack a lot of flavor and are excellent roasted until crispy (my favorite!)

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