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Dr. Horwitz Featured in D Magazine

After Rockwall-Heath’s Rhabdo Outbreak, the UIL Moves to Educate Coaches and Parents

"Mark Cousins, UIL eligibility and education director, told the committee that Dr. Steven Horwitz, a Rockwall trainer and chiropractor, had requested that the body consider require rhabdo training.

“It came out of Rockwall-Heath, about some kids that came down with rhabdo after a particularly strenuous workout, and he asked whether or not rhabdomyolysis was part of our current safety training program,” Cousins said.

Symptoms of severe rhabdo usually emerge about 24 to 48 hours after overexertion and can result in more extreme muscle breakdown that overtaxes the kidneys. If left untreated, rhabdomyolysis can result in cardiac issues, kidney failure, and even death.

According to Cousins, most of the materials covered in the UIL’s current training was mandated by state law “a number of years ago.” Horwitz had also provided the committee with resources and information."

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