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Understanding Fish Oil: Omega 3s - DHA and EPA

Below is a great article reviewing DHA and EPA.

See the labels. The label on the left states: Fish Oil 1,000 mg. This is the total amount of Fish oil in 1 softgel. See the Serving Size because the information on the label describes what nutrients and their amounts in the serving size. The specific amounts of EPA and DHA are not provided on this label.

The labels in the middle and on the right say the serving size is two softgels. They provide the total Omega 3s and provide the specific amount of DHA and EPA.

Also pay attention to the Servings Per Container. The label in the middle says 30 servings per container where as the label on the right says 60 servings per container. When comparing price and nutrient amounts, make sure you look at the Servings Per Container, not just the number of softgels in the bottle.

Click Here for the article!


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