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Thor's Hammer Massage Devices

Research has  demonstrated that high frequency vibration  "acts on muscle to enhance force, power, flexibility, balance and proprioception suggesting neural enhancement" (1), can help with muscle pain (2) , ease DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) (3), and injury rehabilitation (4). In English, this means that the vibration and percussion provided by Thor's Hammer has been scientifically shown to improve muscle performance. See for more information.

How to Use Thor's Hammer

Please follow our best-practice suggestions to get the most benefit out of Thor's Hammer, whether you are treating yourself or others.

  1. Always turn on Thor's Hammer before placing one of the heads on the body.

  2. Our V-Class device provides a lighter vibration therapy. Our P-Class device provides a deeper percussion therapy.

  3. Avoid bony prominences, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, genital area.

  4. Choose the appropriate head for the body part being treated.

  5. The device may be used on skin or clothing. Clean your skin before use.

  6. Apply firm pressure, but do not add "extra" pressure while using the device.

  7. Move the device slowly across the treatment area. Do not rub back and forth quickly.

  8. Do not hold your breath while being treated.

  9. Treat each area for 1 - 3 minutes. Maximum use per session should be no more than 15 minutes. 

  10. Multiple treatments per day can be quite effective.

  11. Pre-workout, during workout (rest between sets), and post workout are great times to use Thor's Hammer. 

  12. Do not use on infants or toddlers.

  13. Stop immediately if pain increases.

  14. All Thor's Hammer devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any diseases.

  15. See Thor's Hammer for important safety information.

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One of the best uses of the Thor's Hammer Massage Gun is to use it between sets during a workout. Your Rowlett Rockwall chiropractor, two-time Tactical Strength Challenge Master's Champion, and Texas State Deadlift Master's Record Holder uses it! It has been absolutely the best tool for me to use to keep myself loose and ready for the next set!