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Britts Training Systems

Want to learn kettlebells? Then look no further. RKC Paul Britt is your man. Named to Rockwall's best!

Crossfit Heath

Train with some of the best Crossfitters in the area in a motivating and community oriented environment. Cliff is one of the top masters Crossfitters in the world!


Crucible Krav Maga

Want to learn how to defend yourself, and get fit at the same time? Mike is a master! Learn kettlebells, CPR, and even take a CHG course!

HG Supply

On the wall in our home's breakfast nook we have stenciled on the wall, "The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table." You need two things: great food and great people. Bring these great people to HG Supply because you are going to eat great food!


Ragsdale Farms

The only place I get eggs. They offer true free-range (pasture-raised chickens) chicken eggs and duck eggs. Never had a duck egg? What a treat! Learn about Aquaponics, Moringa Olifera, and Mesquite wood.

Eye Care and Laser Management of Rockwall

Dr. Britt and her staff are simply the very best!


Crossfit 190

As they say, "It's not a gym, it's a society." Corry is a phenomenal trainer and athlete. Learn the right way to train!

A collaborative effort of multiple sports medicine organizations and private practices whose goal is to raise awareness about the importance of sports safety, specifically relating to overuse and trauma injuries. Dr. Horwitz was amongst the very first group of chiropractic practices to be named to this organization.

The mission of Texas Sports Safety is to train coaches, parents and athletes in sports safety preparedness and sports injury prevention with the goal of providing a safe, fun, and enriching environment for youth sports activities.

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