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Dr. Steve,


Thank you so much for helping me get ready for my race. You are the reason why I'm going home with a gold medal and American record. I seriously don't think I could have performed to my best without your help.



Sheila Taormina1996

USA Swimming 4x200 Gold Medalist




Dr. Horwitz, 
Closing ceremonies are this evening, wrapping up an incredible Olympic games. One of the best parts of this experience has been the U.S. Medical Staff supporting the athletes. I have never been around such a hard working, professional group of people at any event. 

Thank you so much for your time and expertise - I've never felt or fought better, and I credit the great staff at the U.S. medical clinic, particularly your treatments. 

Best wishes for the future, 
Marisa Pedulla, 52Kg, USA Judo 

Dr. Steve, 
You crack me up! Thanks for all your help! 

Rocco Mediate, multi-time PGA tour winner 

To Dr. Horwitz, 
Thanks for getting my body back. Great work! 

Renaldo Wynn, Defensive End 

Dear Dr. Horwitz, 
On behalf of the cast, crew, staff and orchestra of the National Touring Company of “Crazy For You,” I want to thank you for your energy, skill, and the contributions of your time. Your talents and enthusiasm made it a pleasure to have you with us backstage here in Washington, D.C. 

Our company was very happy you came to see us. They found your strong and accurate touch a needed remedy for their injuries. Your familiarity with performer’s needs helped a lot. I am sure that everyone here will happily endorse your services to others in our industry. 

Thank you once again for your kind attention to our company’s needs. I hope you enjoyed the extra work of seeing us backstage at the Kennedy Center in addition to your regular patients. We certainly appreciated having you here. Good luck in all of your future activities. 

Greg Schanuel, Assistant Stage Manager 

Dear Dr. Horwitz, 
The Patriot Club and George Mason University Athletic Department wish to extend their deep appreciation for your chiropractic services to our athletes. 

Best Regards, 
Jay Marsh, Associate Athletic Director 

To Dr. Steve, 
Thanks for all the fabulous treatments! 

Much thanks, 
Melinda Jackson and Michael Kessler – professional performers 


In a previous life, I was an internationally ranked tennis player. In my current middle-aged world, I play tennis, golf, cycle, run, surf and coach my three boys in baseball, lacrosse, and basketball. Nothing makes me happier than being able to spend time with them in a competitive environment Last year, I was in Cuba with my 13 year old playing baseball and had the pleasure of fielding a fly ball in left field and holding the runner on second with a crisp throw to my son on third base. It was a small moment, but one that I will look back on when I'm in my rocking chair. There is no doubt that this was a result of years of great advice from the right people.  

My "go to" doctor for the moments that matter to me most in life is Steve Horwitz. I have worked with him over the past 20 years on general health, physical health, digestive care, soft tissue injuries to elbow, calf and shoulder, overall flexibility and spinal care. Instead of being crushed when he moved from MD to TX, I got on a plane and went to see him instead. It was worth the trip. Steve does a great job of diagnosing the problem, helping to treat the root cause of the problem, as well as the symptoms that are nagging you. The other aspect of his care that sets him apart is that he educates you on your responsibility of taking care of your body.  

Without a doubt the best source of knowledge and care that I have ever run across.


Thomas Pablo


Dear Dr. Horwitz, 
I just completed a very enjoyable London Marathon, thanks largely to Dr. Horwitz. I had intense pain in my leg and knee from past marathons. Eventually, running any long distance became increasingly painful. Training became a matter of guessing when, not whether, the pain would kick in. I could no longer ignore the problem and just try to run through it. Dr. Horwitz quickly and accurately diagnosed the problem as Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome, and began a series of treatments. I put full faith in his recommendations, and followed his instructions on icing. With these treatments and a little common sense in training, the pain subsided. Within a few weeks, I began running pain-free. 

Anyone could have told me to stop running. Dr. Horwitz respected my desire to finish the marathon I had been training for, and enabled me to reach my goal. I recommend him to any athlete without reservation. 

Peter Petesch 

Dear Dr. Horwitz, 
A word of thanks for your excellent efforts to restore some order among the tenderized tendons and tissues of my shoulder. 

I feel it was fortunate to meet you and receive your able care. Even as I write I find I have to sit up straighter! So if they notice at the altar that Fr. Comber has grown a bit, it won’t be true, he just put the old ramrod in the backbone. 

Your staff is a superb group. My thanks to them as well. 

My prayers are with you all, and thank you for your prayers for me – that’s what we call spiritual exercise, and we recommend it frequently, daily, for about an hour. 

Sincerely yours, 
Rev. Thomas E. Comber, CSP 

Dr. Steve, 
I am still feeling great and my bowling is getting better and better. It’s amazing how much better you can do when you are not in pain and discomfort. Thanks to you, I am back on top of my game :) You are wonderful! I sing your praises all the time. You made a believer out of me:)!! 

Thanks again, 
Pat Rinaldi 

Dr. Horwitz, 
I went to my Orthopedic Doctor for the awful pain I had. It turned out to be a Sciatic Nerve. After seven injections into the spinal canal, X-rays, MRI's and many trips to the doctor’s office, I was told that I had '2 choices'. A back operation or stand the pain. I guess they never heard of my third choice, YOU. After 2 treatments I put my cane away and have not seen it since October 1997. 

Harriet Hibbs 

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