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More on Concussions....Risk Nothing!

"they put sensors in helmets in 7 and 8 year olds at Virginia Tech finally this year and found that they hit nearly as hard as college football players. The mean of a college player was 18 Gs and the mean of an 8 year old was 15 Gs and they got up to 70 - 80 Gs. They don't look like they're hitting hard, but they are and that's partially because biomechanically kids aren't really made out for football. When you are 5 years old your head is about 90% its full size, your mass [the rest of your body] is about 20%. So you have this little tiny neck with no muscle to keep this head from moving and so you look at the size ... their helmet is wider than their hips."

Chris Nowitzki, founding executive director of the Sports Legacy Institute

"if your ask me how to diagnose a concussion with 100% accuracy, I will tell you I have no idea."

"There is a cardinal rule in medicine. I have to inform you of the risk. You have the right to make the decision.... we are not informing all of our Division 1 athletes of this risk."

Dan Garza, MD, Assistant Professor, Stanford School of Medicine, Assistant Director of Sports Medicine, Medical Director, San Francisco 49ers.

So parents, are you really sure that when you drop off your child at that sports practice, there is someone present who knows how to deal with an on-the-field emergency, who knows how to recognize a concussion, and will make the right decision for your child? Are you sure??

Nike said, "Rsik Everything!" We say, "Rsik Nothing!" when it comes to safety!

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