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Return to Learn (RTL) and Return to Sport (RTS) Protocols for Youth Athletes and Our Proposed Coordi

The big time! The Concussion paper your Rowlett sports chiropractor, Steven Horwitz authored was accepted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine as a blog post and recently published.

Here it is!

Concussions have become the noteworthy safety issue in sports today. Between “1.1 and 1.9 million sports and recreation related concussions occur annually in US children aged ≤18 years”1. With this notoriety comes an unfortunate melange of terms and care standards.2 The term “concussion protocol” has been adopted by the media, collegiate/professional/Olympic sports bodies, and the medical profession, all without a standardized definition and a frequent failure by sports organizations to follow established guidelines.3 Poor parent and athlete medical literacy, inflated perceived knowledge of coaches, mixed knowledge of medical professionals, and inconsistencies in state concussion laws add to the confusion.

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