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Can My Child Play?

Do you have a child (children) or grandkids in youth sports?

Join Marty and Tonya for Can My Child Play? Conversations

Featured Guest: Dr. Steven Horwitz, CEO


Thursday, September 10, 2020 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Parents and coaches, please join this discussion of how to keep our student athletes safe on the field at all levels of competition. Dr. Horwitz is an expert in the field.

Now we've lost 7 high school students this summer due to potential heat-related injuries that are 100 percent preventable. That's 2 more since the last web conversation 2 weeks ago!

1. Isaiah Turner - 9-4-2020

2. Amari President - 8-25-2020

3. Shane Thomas 8-16-2020

4. Dylan Dorrell 8-13-2020

5. Hunter Midkiff 8-11-2020

6. Jakobe Kyshon Cooper 6-17-2020

7. Matthew Mangine 6-17-2020

No parent should ever feel the pain of losing their child to this type of common sports injury.

Please join our mission to spread the word to the Can My Child Play? Conversations. Student athlete safety is a primary concern of the utmost importance. Help us GROW this forum where parents and coaches can ask the questions of our guests to keep our young people safe.

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